Would you like to get Free Neopets Prizes & Stuff?

In FreeNeopets you will find whatever you like Free and just in three steps :
1. Register your account : very easy step just fill your username, password and your email address and thats all.
3. Collect Few Points : in order to get your free prizes we need to know that you are not a automatic program or robit we will just ask you to collect few points using our human verification questions and we will ask you to give us your opinion about common events using our survyes platform and then you will get your points and will be easy to redem your Neopets Prize.
3. Earn your Prize : after you collect few points don't hesitate go to the Redeem Prizes Page and ask for your favorite prize then it will be delivered in less than 2 days.

What are points worth?

15 points = 2 Neopets Items (You Choose It)
20 points = Neopets Complete Cheats Guide Or (5 Items)
25 points = $25 NeoCash Or 10 Million Neopoints
30 points = $50 NeoCash Or 20 Million Neopoints
50 points = The Complete Package you will get (20 Million NeoPoints, $50 Neocash and 10 items which you specify them ,background, avatar)
60 points = Custom Your Prize (Magnificent Facilities)
You need 15 points before you can redeem the prize.

( New ) You will get 10 bonus points after registration

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